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My name is Chiggy

You can join me on all kinds of exciting and creative adventures. Have a look around en have hours of fun with the hundres of activities you can find on this site. You don't know me yet? Let me introduce myself!

Good news for ALL site visitors: Free access for everyone to ALL content on the site. Login with user: chiggy and password: chiggy. Login now via the green 'log-in' link in the top right of this page. Have fun !

Chiggy's Webshop is closed. Ordering is not possible anymore ! Sorry...

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Chiggy as a Persian Dancer

A new adventure has been added to the site: Chiggy as a Persian dancing Princess. Follow the link and find out this latest adventure of Chiggy !


You can already join me on adventures where I'm a Princess, Witch, Pirate or Astronaut, and in the future even more adventures will be added. Do you have a good idea for a next adventure: join one of multiple contests and win great Chiggy prizes!


Every adventure comes with 100+ activites that you can do on your computer, or print and do off-line, such as coloring, crafts, games and if you're a fanatic we even have math exercises in the learning section. But you just arrived: start with something fun !


Make adventurous masks

The greatest masks you'll find here. One for every adventure! So do you also want to be a princess, a pirate or an astronaut for a change > click on the pictures and print them !

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- Chiggy went to Kenya recently! Find out what she did overthere !
- For the real fans! You can now follow Chiggy on Twitter and Facebook
- Do you want a Chiggy party? Buy great
party products like invitations, ballons and flags !


Play bingo, lotto of domino with Chiggy

You can print various board games to enjoy Chiggy also away from the computer. Play with all your friends !
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Chiggy's WebClub

You can become a meber of my WebClub to get access to a whole lot of axtra activities. Some of the activities can also be bought in the WebShop ! You can also join the contests so you can win, in stead of buying them !
New on the website: Go directly to an overview of all activities that fit your age! Choose: For all ages - Up to 3 years - 4/5 years - 6/7 years - 8 years and up
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