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Adventure 2 - Witch

Chiggy and the flying broom

Chiggy uses her dream mirror to change who she wants. This time she turns into a witch who can fly on an old broom. Below the story are all activities associated with this story.

Chiggy the Witch is a special witch, she being a good witch. She helps everyone she can. She does not alone but with her ??flying broom Fly-Along. After dark, they go on the road together. The magic dust in the arms of Fly-Along go in flight looking for people, animals and plants in need.

They fly together through all seasons, winter, spring, summer and autumn. Wherever animals in distress appears Chiggy witch. If it is cold, she helps the animals to eat and heat their plants again. People from all over the world who have problems are helped.

When the spring weather is more pleasant and the spring sun comes out again, enjoy all the good witch Chiggy they did again last winter with her ??broom Fly-Mee. Then she is very happy to ensure that the magic dust has done its work again, once all the plants will blossom and the animals again happily frolicking. Witch Chiggy lies prone in the tall grass with her ??dog Dox. Dox was happily playing with his loosestrife. He has to get used to it a long tail and cat ears, as Chiggy himself in a witch has changed. Chiggy is a bit sleepy in the warm spring sunshine and dreamy thinking back to last winter, which she has saved Koosje squirrel.

On one day and flew Chiggy Dox by the white winter forest and suddenly heard wailing. What could it be? Chiggy thought. Quickly she flew to the sound. There they saw a tree on a goblin sitting numb. What's going on goblin? The goblin told that he had all day was looking for a birthday present for his wife. It was not just a gift, no, his wife that her husband really wanted a dwarf baby would find her. As you know, in winter little gnome babies. If you're lucky you might find them in an old nest or in a hollow tree trunk. I've been looking everywhere and can not find baby. Well tomorrow I have to disappoint my wife. Maybe you can give her another gift, says Chiggy. You know my wife does not, "sighed the elf. If she says she wants a baby for her birthday, then that should happen. If you can not find gnome child can not give your hair? Chiggy says surprised.

The goblin looks sad about and then suddenly sees a squirrel sitting on a bough. The squirrel crying. The goblin forgets his own grief and calls for the squirrel: squirrel Oh dear, what happened to you on? I can see my mom and dad no longer find, the squirrel sobs. They have been days away. Chiggy quickly flies her broom to fly up to them-the squirrel from the tree to get. Chiggy thinks for a moment after. This squirrel is far too small to take care of themselves. Suddenly she got an idea. She told the goblin: Could you maybe take care of this baby squirrel?


The puck doubts. A squirrel is obviously not a dwarf baby. However, the goblin compassion for the small, sad squirrel. He presses him to her whispers in his ear: You are allowed to go home with me. We will take good care of you. You get delicious nuts and leaves a nice warm bed. Chiggy quickly gets the red ribbon from her dress and it strictly to the neck of the squirrel. Now you seem like a real gift! Soon they fly on Fly back to the house elf. The female gnome had dinner ready and the table remember when the puck came home with the baby squirrel. She heard that there are no dwarf babies were to be found and that her husband another reason for her baby included. She was not disappointed and the squirrel looked at from all sides. She was so happy she gave her husband some twenty kisses.

The squirrel would be very happy with his elf father and mother. That is why he stayed with them throughout his life. Chiggy Dox and go every year again to visit them for the coming of the babyeekhoorntje to celebrate. Using her broom Fly-Along, they arrive in seconds...


These are the activities that Chiggy as witch has experienced with her ??flying broom. Click it to yourself to experience the adventures. Here is a list of all the adventures of Chiggy. Enjoy !

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