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Adventure 1 - Princess

Chiggy and the enchanted garden

Chiggy uses her dream mirror to change into whoever she wants. This time she turns into a princess in a castle with an enchanted garden. See the story and all activities associated with it!

Princess Chiggy is a beautiful princess and she lives in a magnificent palace with a beautiful garden. The palace has many beautiful rooms. All rooms have their own color. Chiggy has a favorite room. This room that change color a couple of times a day. Especially if Chiggy is amused the most beautiful colors appear. With those beautiful colors, she gets even more happy. Also her friend Dox, the dog, is happy.

Because Chiggy always so cheerful, she has many friends. All animals love her. They love to play in the beautiful palace, but preferably they are in the garden. It is a magical garden, because if Princess Chiggy sings a lot of beautiful flowers and animals come out, and thet all sing along.

On a fine spring day Chiggy, Dox and other animals are dancing. They also play games with each other. The sun is shining and everyone is happy and cheerful. After playing hide and seek, Chiggy suddenly has a good idea. Early this morning, when everyone in the castle and the magical garden were still asleep, she hid some eggs for Dox in the garden. Dox has not had time yet to find the eggs. Perhaps the other animals would like to help. Chiggy is enjoying herself; she doen't tell to anyone that she was the one that hid the eggs.

"Who's joining us on an egg hunt?", Chiggy calls through the garden. Immediately, the other birds fly towards Chiggy. Also the bunnies hardest to be the first to reach Chiggy. They overtake the ladybugs and the hedgehog. The cat comes out behind the bush. He was still hiding. Everyone thinks it's a good idea.

Chiggy would really like that Dox will win by finding the most eggs. Biut she knows it's not quite fair when she helps Dox help find all the eggs as she is the one that hid all the aggs. Then she has an idea. She sings a beautiful song; a bunch of tulips emerge. Tulips, would you help us by hiding the eggs again? Of course tulips are willing to help. Everybody is hiding in the rooms of the castle, so the tulips can go about their business quietly in the garden.

Chiggy now sits nervously in her room to wait. Will she and Dox succeed to win? She really wants to use her mirror to have a peek in the garden. Dox gives her a fatherly look. Yes, I know Dox, that's not fair, says Chiggy softly. Suddenly she heard some noise. She looks out the window again to see that all animals are outside in the garden. She has not heard that the tulips were ready hiding the eggs. Quickly she and Dox run down into the garden. She's just in time to conllect the eggs in the basket; a though job. Dox come on, we must be quick, otherwise all the eggs already taken!

Because Dox can run very fast, he soon found 10 eggs. Chiggy is so cheerful. Unfortunately, she sees that some other animals also have found ten eggs also. Chiggy is a little nervous. Dox Come on, we need give it our best. The tulips sing that only one egg is hidden. Everyone is excited of it and look even better. Who will find the last egg? A half hour later the egg is still not found..... But then Dox sees something shining in a bird's nest. He climbs into the tree and sees between three small white eggs a beautifully colored egg. Would this be the last Easter egg? He barks at Chiggy and grabs the egg in his mouth. Once Chiggy under the tree, he drops the egg in the hands of Chiggy.

Hooray, Chiggy calls, we found the last egg! Chiggy now has eleven eggs and thus they are the winner. As a reward, Dox may eat all the eggs. At night Dox got a little stomach ache ....


These are the activities that Chiggy as princess in the enchanted garden has experienced. Click it to yourself to experience the adventure. Here is a list of all the adventures of Chiggy. Enjoy.

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