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Competition rules

If you're organizing a contes, it should it be fair one. Chiggy would not have it any other way. And so here are the rules be;onging to the contests on this site. Summarized, the following basic rules apply, but underneath you can find the complete competition rules. As Chiggy comes from Holland, Dutch law applies to these contests.


Contest rules summarized:
- Everyone can participate in the contests. Some games are only for members of Chiggy's WebClub.
- Participation is free, with no charges and you do not (first)have to buy something.
- You can enter as many times as you want, but you can only win one prize per person, per contest. Chiggy prefers that you send one good entry, rather than a lot of average quality.
- Everything you submit becomes the property of GriffioenMedia, the company behind Chiggy's website, and you give them approval to use your entry in any way they want.
- Results are always published within one week after the closing date; on this site and via the newsletter.
- When you win a prize, you agree to send us a picture of you and the prize, so all visitors of Chiggy's site can see that you are the winner!

See full terms below or download it as PDF to print or save.


Competition rules GriffioenMedia

In all contests on websites of GriffioenMedia (eg Chiggy's site) the following rules apply:

1. Participate:
a. Everyone can participate in our competitions! Some games are only available to members of our Chiggy webclub. Participation is always valid for up to 1 person!
b. Exception: Direct family members of employees of GriffioenMedia (the company behind Chiggy) can not participate in the competitions.
c. Joining the (public) games is free and without any purchase commitments.
d. The candidates in the competition - due to their submission - state that they are thoroughly aware of the GriffioenMedia competition rules, and declare this agreement in full.

2. Submit:
a. Entries may be submitted by mail to the company behind Chiggy: GriffioenMedia, Veenbies 7, 5374MG, Schaijk, Netherlands. The organizers can not be held responsible for losses, delays or technical failures because of TNT or any other supplier and this in any form.
b. Entries may also be sent by mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . GriffioenMedia can not be held liable for failure to receive entries due to any technical failure.
c. Entries can not (personally) be delivered.
d. Entries must be received before the deadline set by the competition. Submissions that arrive late are not included in the judging / draw.

3. Judging:
a. The selection board in assessing the entries into account the age of the participants: to what extent it corresponds to the state target for that specific match. We also review how the participants' solution / idea have created.
b. The jury consists of employees (designers) of GriffioenMedia.
c. Chiggy has several sites around the world: the entries from all countries together and evaluated simultaneously compete for the same price of that game

4. Win:
a. For each participant a maximum of 1 prize per race will be won.
b. The rash within one week after the closing date will be announced and published on the website www.chiggy.eu
c. The results of the competition is final and can not be challenged. About the outcome or the regulations, no mail and / or correspondence or phone calls made.
d. The winners will be contacted by GriffioenMedia. Furthermore, no correspondence sent to the participants: the site so keep an eye on them.
e. The winner is expected to, within 4 weeks (preferably faster) after payment is received provide some photos of the winner receiving the prize. These photos are posted on the website. If the participant photographs may provide within that period he / she no longer races next compete for the prizes.
f. The prizes can not be exchanged and are not paid in cash.
g. Force majeure or depletion of the stock prices GriffioenMedia reserves the right to substitute the prize won by an article of equal or greater value than the prize.
h. GriffioenMedia can not be held responsible for any defects in the supplies or services related to the price of the competition.

5. Ownership:
a. All entries (content, ideas, graphics) are owned by GriffioenMedia, makers of Chiggy. They can (parts of) the entries for the good of further initiatives GriffioenMedia. The participant gives consent for participation in the contest to GriffioenMedia to entry in their own way for all possible applications.
b. Submitted materials can not be asked: to make a submission photo, scan or copy for yourself!
c. For prices fetched to be subject to a maximum period of 6 months after publication rash at the site. Then the winner can not claim the prize.

6. General:
a. The above rules apply to all competitive on Chiggy.eu unless otherwise stated in the description of the contest on the site.
b. If there is any disagreement own rules, contest or removal of directors decided GriffioenMedia.
c. These complete competition rules can be found on the website Chiggy.eu.
d. GriffioenMedia may at any time make changes to the tules, by reference to the site chiggy.eu


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