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Adventure 3 - Pirate

Chiggy on her way to treasure island

Chiggy uses her dream mirror to change who she wants. This time she turns into a pirate on the way to her own treasure island. After the story you can find all activities that belong in this adventure.

Pirate Chiggy is a naughty little pirate. She sails with her ??ship on high seas. She likes to climb up in the crow's nest to look out over the ocean. But also to keep an eye on uninvited guests. Then she barks relentlessly: ship in sight!

She is the boss of a real pirate ship. But she only steals from the bad guys in order to help the poor. Everyone at sea is a little bit afraid of her because she always defeats the enemy. All treasures and jewels that she makes she brings to Treasure Island. It is a beautiful island with beautiful white beaches and palm trees. It's also a mysterious island, because anyone who searches for the precious treasures will disappear and not return. So beware!

Chiggy and Dox were busy polishing their pirate ship. The flag had already been washed, all windows were cleaned and now the deck had to be scrubbed. Chiggy got a bit hot from working so hard. She went to sit down for a glass of lemonade when she heard a hard thud. Something black came down heavily on the deck. Dox immediately started growling and Chiggy jumped back. What was that? "Where am I?" asked the black thing gently. Suddenly he remembered. He was asleep in the branches of an old oak tree. Then there was a storm that had blown him away. He was blown against the post from the crow's nest and fell down. Who are you? suddenly he heard above him. Startled, he looked up at an angry pirate. Chiggy stood there watching the black thing. Suddenly she saw that it was a bat. What are you doing on my ship? Chiggy asked. Me, I eh... am blown away by a storm and now I'm lost. I'm Ollie the bat. I'm Chiggy said Chiggy and that is my friend Dox. Dox was still growling. He did not like Ollie.

Dox Come on, do not be unkind, said Chiggy. Here you have some lemonade Ollie. You're welcome on our ship. Will you help us clean? With the three of us it will go even faster. In no time they finished the deck. Take a look around on our ship Ollie. Dox and I are going to go to the crow's nest to see if Treasure Island is already in sight. Ollie only needed to hear that once. He flew to the top of the ship and looked everywhere. In front of a large heavy door, he suddenly paused... What could be seen behind? He looked through a crack and saw sparkling and shiny things. Wow, so many beautiful things he had never seen! He squeezed through the crack and watched all the beautiful things in the belly of the ship.

Chiggy and Dox were on the lookout. You look through the binoculars Dox. Can you see the island? Dox began to bark. Land in siiiiiight! Chiggy yelled out. We need to tell Ollie, maybe he is living on Treasure Island! Quickly they climbed out of the crow's nest to search for Ollie. They could not find him. There was only one place where he could be.

Chiggy pushed the big heavy door and sure enough, there was Ollie. He was almost unrecognizable, because for each leg hanging bracelets, necklaces and rings. In his mouth he had a great gem. Ollie! What are you doing? Chiggy shouted shocked. Out of pure fear Ollie dropped the great jewel and just flew through the doorway to the island.

Hoist the sails, called Chiggy to Dox. Quickly she sailed to the island, behind the bat. Already before arrival on the island Chiggy dropped the anchor. We must find him Dox, called Chiggy. Are you going to watch the trees and the caves? Then I look at the beach. Chiggy thought of the jewels that Ollie had hanging around his legs. She had worked so hard for this to take away from the evil pirates. Those jewels are for poor people and not for the weird bat!

Suddenly she heard Dox barking. Wagging, he came running towards her. He had a silver bracelet in its mouth. That he had taken away from Ollie. That must mean that Dox found Ollie. Chiggy quickly followed Dox, into the forest. At the glittering-glory-cave, Chiggy saw Ollie hanging from the roof. But what did she see? Hanging there were much more 'Ollies'! In the cave a bunch of bats was 'hanging out'. They had all necklaces, bracelets and rings hung around them. This was something Chiggy had never seen on her island. The Glittering-glory-cave she used as her treasure! Now a family of bats wanted to steal her treasure! Chiggy was very angry with Ollie, but Ollie could explain it all. His family was blown to the island by the storm. Only he had landed on the ship. He said his family belonged to the glittering-grabbing-bats. Why they were so fond of everything shiny.

Fortunately, Chiggy got back all her treasures, when she explained that they were intended foor the poor. Ollie? He was never seen again, just like his family. They had disappeared mysteriously ....




These are the activities that Chiggy towards a pirate treasure island has experienced. Click it to yourself to experience the adventure. Here you'll find and overview of all adventures of Chiggy. Enjoy !


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