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Adventure 4 - Astronaut

Chiggy and her journey to the moon - Members Only

Please note, this adventure is especially for members of Chiggy's webclub. To the bottom of this adventure activities to do, you become a member first. The activities of the other adventures for everyone!

Chiggy uses her dream mirror to change who she wants. This time she turns into an astronaut traveling to the moon.

Chiggy the astronaut is ready to make a space trip. With its beautiful red and white checkered rocket she will fly off into space. Dox, of course it is her faithful companion. Fitted in a real astronaut suit Chiggy gets inside her rocket. She has taken along many things to stay away for a while. Enough to eat and sleep and she even stuffed a telescope to see even more beautiful stars. Furthermore, she takes a notepad and a pen to write down any things they discovered. Luckily, just in time she remembers to take her special camera. Who knows, she might see aliens!

3,2,1 and go! There go Chiggy and Dox, straight into space! Beyond the clouds she can see stars pretty quickly. She can not wait until they are about to see more. Chiggy goes to investigate to see if there is life on planet Faraway. It is a very long journey that will take one day. Chiggy is looking forward to it. Because the trip takes so long, she makes the occasional stop. Chiggy leaves her rocket for a spacewalk. It is so beautiful with all the millions of stars shining beautifully! Sometimes she sees a shooting star and then she can obviously make a wish. She wishes that she has many exciting things going on the Planet Faraway.

When they arrive at the milkey way, she stops to drink at the restaurant. She orders a glass of milk and a nice mars. Now she can go for it again! Now it's only just a couple of hundred thousand miles left to go. A big left turn, straight and a right turn at the end. Then Chiggy finally sees the planet. Chiggy and Dox go out quickly to investigate. They see little spaceships floating around. But what does it mean? It seems like the spaceships fighting with each other! Chiggy finds it very strange. Then they see a spaceman that has cartrouble with his spaceship; Chiggy is hovering towards him.

Hi there! We are Chiggy and Dox. What's wrong with you, you look so sad? Dggggghhh Plaaaaaf Flop Spruuuuuuuuuug spaceman calls out with an angry voice. Chiggy does not understand it. Quickly she puts her mirror in the translation mode. My spaceship is broken! It's walways those crazy Sollenta's! They deliberately collided with my ship. They think they are the boss around here! Just because they think the children on earth like the sun more than he moon! But the sun is nice, isn't it? Chiggy says. The spaceman looks at her angrily. The sun can not shine always? How do the children and animals on the planet go to sleep? That can not work when there is always light from the sun! There, the spaceman is right, thinks Chiggy. Did you guys fight over the sun and the moon? The spaceman explains Chiggy what's going on.


On one side of the planet Faraway, live the Sollenta's. There, Sol is the boss. This king loves the sun and therefore wants that the sun always shines and the light is always on the earth. On the other side of planet Faraway, lives Queen Luna. She loves the moon and the many stars you can see in the dark. Therefore, she wants the moon always to be there so she can also see the sparkling stars. An agreement was made that the one time King Sol would get his way and sometimes Queen Luna. This one time the sun shines and the light shines and on other times the moon is in the sky and it is dark. But that is a wonderful solution, Chiggy says surprised. Only if that were true, says the spaceman. The children on Earth are not happy that they sometimes can not sleep because the light and other times that they can not play outside because it is dark! Therefore we here on planet Faraway more have arguments all the time.

Dox suddenly begins to bark. He has an idea. He barks in Chiggy's ears. This is a brilliant idea Chiggy shouts with a happy voice. Whay don't you guys cooperate and take turns? The one to start is the the moonso the children can sleep, and then comes the sun, so the kids can play outside! The male looks suddenly not so glum. There is a big smile on his face. But, that's a great plan! Let's go to the King and Queen and tell them about the plan.

Chiggy, Dox and the spaceman are explaining the plan of Dox. King Sol and Queen Luna also find it a great solution. From that day they take turns; the sun and the moon shine half a day each; on the earth this is the difference between day and night. Because the children on Earth are so happy, on planet Faraway it's one big party. Of course Chiggy and Dox are invited too...


These are the activities that Chiggy an astronaut on a trip to the moon before. Click it to yourself to experience the adventure.

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