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01-02-2012 Hilaris ceases to exist

Bas Griffioen consinues to manage the Chiggy site via his newly founded company GriffioenMedia. The company is setup on 1-2-2012 after Hilaris was terminated.

, the company behind the site of Chiggy will cease to exist on 1 February 2012. For now, the site of Chiggy still in the air, but that may soon change! Enjoy it while you can ! Belinda and Bas.

28-12-2012 Chiggy is in Nepal

Chiggy is back on a trip and has the most wonderful time visiting Nepal. Dawa Dolma Lama lives in Kathmandu and has been supported already for 12 years by one of the people behind Chiggy > Because of that financial assistance Dawa was able to go to school and she is well on her way to become a doctor! Meanwhile, she herself is already a big girl now and so she could, with a small amount of sponsorship from GriffioenMedia, support other children in Nepal in their studies. By arranging coloring and painting materials for them, Dawa and Chiggy enable children in Kathmandu to develop further, also creatively! That makes Chiggy very happy!







Thank you Dawa, that you supported Chiggy to arrange thi; everyone is entitled to education and Chiggy helps with the creative development!

16-11-2011 Chiggy is in South-India

Earlier this year Chiggy went to Kenya and now she visited Karemala School, close to the Bandipur Tiger reserve in the South of India (about one hours drive from Mysore, which is a 6 hour drive south-west of Bangalore)


The organization Junglescape arranged a nature-walk through the jungle which focussed on birds and butterflies as the key learning objective. Afterwards the children could make a nice coloring of Chiggy, with a bird or butterfly.


The colored pencils and the prints are sponsored by Chiggy as well as a free membership to the site so that the children of this school have access to creative learning materials and these can be decorated with the colored pencils received last week. The reports from India were very positive: the children had enjoyed the activity plenty!



The site of Chiggy is available in several languages??. The site is also accessible in countries like India (English) which enables local organizations and sponsors, to help the children develop their creativity.