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When you join Chiggy's WebCub, you will get access to many additional activities on the site. Extra coloring pages, craft activities and games and Chiggy even has a special contest for members. When you join, you can access all the parts that are reserved to the "Members Only" area. Besides additional activities  many items are in full color: ready for color printing! For example a diploma, a card or an invitation is of course quite real if it's printed in full color! If you join you will have access for a whole year and one month before your membership expires we will contact you whether you still want to renew, so you're not tied to an ongoing contract! All things that are added to the site will be communicated via the newsletter, which you as a member get first (by email). So you can be the first to work with the latest materials. And much remains to be added! Chiggy's site is just launched so we will continue to fill the site weekly if not daily, with new activities.

For 12 euro a year you are a member of Chiggy's webclub;  that's only 1 euro per months !

Chiggy's Webshop is closed. Products and memberships can not be purchased anymore. 


- Additional activities available
- High quality of the materials presented
- All activities are created with help of a school teacher: in line with the capabilities at the respective ages.
- Many materials are available in full-color
- You will stay informed via the newsletter
- No advertising on the site to other sites
- No ongoing contract
- Only 12 euro per year; one euro per month!

Proceed to the page "How to become a member" for some further explanation

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